About Us

Posh Urban is a interior architecture and interior design company with expertise in the F&B, Hospitality, Commercial and Retail segment. We have strong experiences in conservation building renovations.
The company also offers solutions for larger residential projects including landed properties and condominiums.
Scope of services include master planning, space planning, interior design consultancy,design and build turnkey and building alteration projects.
Posh Urban additionally provides furniture, fittings and equipment (FFE) solutions to F&B and hospitality businesses. We aim to provide the best price/value solutions to your businesses through our network of providers.
Posh Urban is able to design, build and fitout commercial offices, clubs, hotels, restaurants, F&B establishments at rapid pace, professionally and with strong cost controls.  Fun and funky, creative and functional, sleek and elegant, smart and modern etc. our firm can provide many diverse ideas to any businesses's requirements.
Posh Urban is the South East Asia agency for PLANKX carpet tiles from Germany.  Find out more at  www.plankx.de


Creative Design Director Founder - 18 years track record & experience in F&B, Hospitality and Commercial design

Total Engagement





  • Engage multiple senses

  • Evoke emotions

  • Holistic experience

  • Client needs driven

  • Real life references

  • Access subject matter experts

  • Continuous research across multiple fields

  • Premier benchmarks

  • Best advice/execution

  • Attention to detail

  • Follow through