PLANKX Carpet Tiles


With textile design plank, we interpret the design flooring ideas in a completely new way.  Easy and quick to fit, the innovative PLANKX creates a unique feel-good atmosphere in hotels, offices or shops.

The quality and aesthetics of lived authenticity are almost sensuaaly orchestrated by the lifelike patina of aged wood, weathered stone or concrete.  The spatula optics or graphic effects become concise statements of self-understanding and prepare the floor for distinctive appearances.  Through their user defined scenic design of space zones, PLANKX combine functional tasks of architecture with exceptionally independent aesthetics in a previously unknown form.  Whether of subtle elegance or expressively abstract it gives character to space.  They provide new creative spaces to designers for their ideas and an almost unlimited spectrum of presentable surfaces.  As a perfect synthesis of high resistance, high walking comfort, optimised room-acoustics and attractive aesthetics, they set new standards.

Quick Overview

PLANKX Carpet Tiles by Toucan-T Carpet Manufacture GmbH

For Office, Shop, Hotel, Public Facilities, Lounge, Living, School

  • Plank format 100 x 25 cm
  • Extremely durable cut pile
  • Various design options
  • Perfect plank joints
  • Easy to replace
  • Excellent room-acoustics
  • Soft and warm under feet
  • Best slip resistance
  • Comfortable transport


Rustic vitality or modern cool :

In the “BLOCK” design category, PLANKX gives the space exciting optics made from stone and concrete.


Creative eye-catcher -

Inspired by technology, graphics and art.  The “INDUSTRIAL” designs are accented with striking forms and bold colour schemes.


If space concepts need a clear line -

Then the striped designs of the “Route” category are required. Dynamic and trend-setting


Strong structures -

The PLANKX in the “SURFACE” category surprises with surface optics, which give a new interpretation to the textile floor design


Quick-Change artist:

In the “TIMBER” category PLANKX shows textile floors also cut a fine figure in a cosy wood look.


Looped or velours? You must look twice here.

The “TEXTILE” designs by PLANKX combine the coveted looped look with the user-friendliness of velours.


The way is the goal :

Colorful striped design changes into a monochrome square look.  And vice versa.  For flowing transitions from one space to the next.


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